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Find the answers to your frequently asked questions and important information to help you succeed as a student at the CTE.


  • Tuition was not collected when you completed your online application/registration – only the $25 online registration fee was charged to your account/credit card.
  • Tuition charges must be paid or a payment plan established prior to the starting day of the course.
  • Tuition charges will be applied according to the Cashier’s Office policies.
  • Tuition payment options can be found on the Cashier’s Office webpage.

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid is available through our campus if eligible. You must work directly with the Financial Aid Department to ensure all necessary documentation is completed. You may reach them at 276-328-0139 or
  • You can keep track of your financial aid paperwork in My UVA Wise Student Portal by clicking on the Financial Aid button at the top.
  • Individuals qualifying for financial aid MUST submit provisional licensure paperwork received from the DOE to or by fax at 276-376-4530 then call Jennifer Partin at 276-328-0294 to complete the process. Those individuals who have not yet received licensure paperwork from the DOE must still call Jennifer Partin to determine the coursework plan of study. Unpaid tuition as a result of incomplete financial aid paperwork remains the responsibility of the student.
  • The last day for all financial aid paperwork to be completed is the starting day of the course. If all financial aid paperwork has not been submitted, you will be required to set up a payment plan or pay tuition in full in order to avoid being dropped from courses.

User ID/Password

  • Three business days after your registration is processed, you will receive an email providing your campus User ID and directions on establishing a password.
  • If you have not received your User ID email by the first day of class, do not be alarmed. Instructors are aware of the process and possible delay in receiving login information and are accustomed to people signing in throughout the first few days of class.
  • If you haven’t received your ID/password email on the 1st day of class and it has been 3 business days since course enrollment, please email the CTE at to obtain the information.Your user ID and password will be used to access all three campus portals that you will be using this semester which are the following:


  • Is the course site and can be accessed from the My UVA Wise Student Portal. Once you login at the top right, you will select Moodle Login in the Quick Menu section in the middle of the page.
  • Once on the Moodle homepage, you will log in on the right side of the page –you will notice that you are logged in as your name will appear at the top right.
  • Your course should appear in the center section under “course overview” on the first day of class.
  • PLEASE NOTE – Courses will not appear in your “my courses” section until they have been opened by the instructor which will not occur until the 1st day of class.  You will not be able to get into the course prior to that date unless the instructor happens to open it early. Moodle navigation tutorials are available on our Technical Support page.


  • ALL CORRESPONDENCE from your instructor and dealing with your online course will be through your newly appointed college email that can be accessed from the MY UVA Wise Portal.
  • Once you login at the top right, you will select Campus WebMail in the Quick Menu section in the middle of the page.
  • To access your student webmail, you will use the same User ID and password as Moodle. PLEASE CHECK THIS EMAIL REGULARLY as this is your main form of course information and avenue to contact your instructor as it works in conjunction with Moodle. Campus emails are all in the same format: USER For example: a user ID is abc4c so the email will be


  • MY UVA Wise Student Portal: accessible at  
  • The student information portal gives you access to student records such as grades, unofficial transcripts, schedule, bill, textbooks, etc. and uses the same User ID and password as Moodle.

Password Management (SMOP)

  • Accessible on the MY UVA Wise Student Portal by selecting Password Recovery (SMOP) in the Quick Menu section in the middle of the page.
  • You will enroll at this site when you get your email to set up your password – HOWEVER, we want to remind everyone that this site will allow you to reset your password if you have forgotten it or tried the wrong password too many times (3) and become locked out of email or the course site.
  • Also, please be aware that campus passwords are typically scheduled to expire every 8 to 12 weeks, and SMOP is the site to which you would come to change your expired password.

Password Expiration

  • Passwords are standardly set to expire every 8 to 12 weeks. You will receive email notification in your campus email as to when your password will expire; therefore, it is important to check your campus email often for important notifications from the college and your course instructor.
  • If you find that you suddenly cannot access your course site, then your password has probably expired.  You can change your password by selecting Password Recovery (SMOP) in the Quick Menu section in the middle of the My UVA Wise Student Portal. Choose the “change password” option at the SMOP website.


  • Once you have your user ID and password set up, you will be able to login to the MY UVA Wise Student Portal and verify your course(s).
  • Click the Students button at the top then select Student Schedule in the Middle of the page. Select the correct term in the drop-down menu, select All Divisions in the Division drop-down menu, and select Search.   In the center, your course information with a textbook link at the bottom will display.
  • Textbook purchase information can be found by selecting Buy Textbooks in the Quick Menu section in the middle of the page.
  • We encourage everyone to acquire their books at their nearest convenience.
  • Please be aware that although we anticipate all courses to make, there are minimum enrollment target numbers that must be met.  If a course does not meet the minimum enrollment number, you will be notified prior to the semester starting date and given the opportunity to select a different course.

Advising: Am I in the Right Course?

  • If you are taking a licensure course, it is important that you review your individual requirements and licensure needs. The CTE program is designed to help teachers who have a Virginia provisional license, statement of eligibility, or adding an endorsement and who are currently employed by a school division. To receive a license, Virginia requires that you complete a supervised internship through a college or be employed as a full-time classroom teacher by a school division for one year. The CTE does not provide internship experiences. You may take CTE courses if you are not currently employed by a school division, but you will still not be eligible for a license until you have been hired by a school division and taught on a provisional license for one year. If you are taking a licensure course to obtain a fully certified teaching license, please take a look at this document to make sure you are taking the correct course – What Course Do I Take? We also have a webpage that shows the alignment of our Special Education General Curriculum coursework to the DOE requirements.
  • If you are taking a professional development/recertification course, it is important that you review your individual requirements for recertification. All of the CTE recertification courses are designed to align with the Virginia Department of Education’s Domains of Professional Competency.  Final approval of any recertification credit rests with your school superintendent’s designee (often the licensure specialist in the home school division). We encourage all of our students to seek the approval of their licensure specialist before taking any course(s) if they feel unconfident in their course selection.  If your local licensure specialist has any questions you cannot answer about our courses, please feel free to direct them to us. If you are not currently employed by a school division, you may still take CTE courses.  Your final approval of any recertification credit rests with the licensure specialists at the DOE.
  • For your use, you will find an electronic copy of the Recertification Manual at the DOE website.
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding your licensure or recertification requirements, please contact Jennifer Partin at or 276-328-0294. She is the CTE Academic Program Advisor who has years of experience dealing with the DOE licensure requirements and is very knowledgeable about these issues.

Adding a Course

  • If you wish to add an additional course(s) this semester or next semester, you may do so through the MY UVA Wise Student Portal.
  • If you are enrolled in the current semester or were enrolled within the past 12 months, you are not required to submit an additional application, which is subject to an application fee.

Dropping a Course

  • Your signature/digital signature on the registration form serves as a contract between you and the college that contains financial obligations. If situations arise in which you wish to drop any course, it may be done by clicking the Course Drop Form.
  • At that point, a refund of tuition will be made in accordance with the UVA Wise refund policy. According to your drop date; some tuition charges may still be due. Please reference this site and check with the Cashier’s Office to ensure your account balance is settled.


  • Our college campus semesters end by the second week of May (spring), the last week of June (summer 1), the second week of August (summer 2), and the second week of December (fall). Grades will be officially posted in the My UVA Wise Student Portal by that time.
  • Paper copies of grades are no longer mailed out but can be accessed along with unofficial transcripts via the web through the My UVA Wise Student Portal as long as you are an actively enrolled student.  Here are directions to get the following:


  • Go to My UVA Wise Student Portal. Log in at the top right; select Students tab; select “grade report” in the middle of the page; choose appropriate semester; then click “view final grade report”.
  • If your grade report is showing WIP, this indicates that the course is still “work in progress” and the official grades have not been posted by the Registrar as of yet.

Unofficial Transcripts

  • Unofficial transcripts can be printed off during the semester you are enrolled in a course and for a few weeks after the semester ends (print them at the end of each semester for your records).  There is no charge for unofficial transcripts, and it is up to your employing school division as to whether they will accept unofficial in lieu of official transcripts.
  • To obtain an unofficial transcript, go to My UVA Wise Student Portal. Log in at the top right; select the Students button; select “reports and billing” on the left; then select “unofficial transcript” under the reports and billing section on left.
  • If your unofficial transcript is showing WIP, this indicates that the course is still “work in progress” and the official grades have not been posted by the Registrar as of yet.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You can only access this portal if you currently have an active campus user ID and password – you would use the same information to log in to the My UVA Wise portal that you have been using for Moodle or campus email.

Official Transcripts

  • Typically, school divisions and the DOE will require an official transcript in dealing with Virginia licensure.
  • If you are in need of an official transcript, you can order them online (minimal fees may apply) at the Registrar’s website. You may go ahead and order an official transcript any time prior to the end of the course.
  • Be sure to indicate “wait until close of current semester” so your pending/current class will show on the transcript.
  • If you are not currently up for renewal, we encourage you to wait until closer to your renewal year to order official transcripts as it could be that you take another course through our department prior to your renewal.
  • If you have trouble with ordering a transcript, please contact the Registrar’s Office directly at (276) 328-0116.

ADA Information

If you need course adaptation or accommodation because of a disability or if you have emergency medical information to share, please contact Whitney Wells, Director of Disability Services, at 276-328-0265 or or visit the Academic Support Center on campus in Zehmer Hall.

Getting Help

  • If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed in this email, check out our LEARNER SUPPORT tutorials and links.
  • Additionally, we have an outstanding technology specialist on staff at the CTE who will be able to answer your questions and help you with technology-related difficulties. Heather B. Askea can be reached at Please contact her initially by email so that you can schedule a time to talk if needed. Most technology problems can be resolved quickly by email or by referencing the Learner Support tutorials.

We encourage you to share information about our courses with fellow co-workers and educators.  Thank you for choosing the Center for Teaching Excellence for your recertification and licensure needs. We look forward to working with you this semester and in the future!

Tips for Success

  • Keep your login information. Write it down somewhere secure when you receive a User ID and Password informational email. User ID and password information for new students is standardly emailed a few days after registrations are processed.
  • Check and use your email account. All students have a campus email account. You can access webmail from the bottom left Tools & Links section of the CTE homepage once you receive your login information or at the My UVA Wise Student Portal. This is the account that is linked with our course software. Messages sent through the course website from other students and from your instructors will come to this email address along with important password expiration notifications.
  • Make our website the homepage for your web browser. This is a great tip to help you stay involved in the course. It is easy to get behind in an online class or not catch changes or important messages from the instructor if you don’t check the class webpage frequently. By making this your homepage, you will be reminded to check every time you access the internet; before going onto Facebook, IMDB, Wikipedia, Netflix, or even Google. From this webpage, you are one click from the class website, your email, and the student portal you will use to get your grades and unofficial transcript at the end of the semester.
  • Be prepared to spend some time on the material and activities. There is a misperception about the nature of online learning that it takes less effort or time. The truth is that it just takes a different type of work. The content of your online course is comparable to traditional college classes and your work time expectation should be about the same.
  • Be involved in the learning community. Ask questions, seek clarification, regularly read and post your ideas and opinions on the forums, investigate issues on your own, spend time looking for ideas from other teachers and the posts of your classmates, explore educational websites, etc. and share them with the other class members.
  • Communicate with your instructor should problems arise. We are all educators with a great deal of experience in the real world, and we know that sometimes the unexpected happens. If a circumstance arises that will impact your ability to participate in the class or meet deadlines, contact your instructor to make arrangements as soon as possible. They are great professionals who will work with you to make sure you have positive learning experiences.
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