The Southwest Virginia Leadership Conference

Trauma-Sensitive Practices: Building Resilience with Mindfulness and Compassion

A growing knowledge base regarding the effects of chronic stress and trauma on the developing child is now just beginning to be applied to help students in educational settings. At the same time, research has clearly demonstrated how supportive relationships with caring adults can help trauma-exposed children and teens recover and thrive so they can complete school and become successful members of our society. While there is a growing understanding of how schools can support students exposed to trauma, little attention has been focused on the adult competencies required to do engage in this work. Research shows that mindful awareness and compassion practices can promote the cognitive and emotional strengths we need to build and maintain resilience. Prof. Jennings will introduce effective practices to support students who have experienced trauma and to build adult competencies to prevent empathy-based stress and burnout.

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Heather B.

Instructional Technology Coordinator