Computer Science Courses for Add-on Endorsement

Computer Science Cohort Information

CSC L401 Programming in Python-Fall 2022
Python is comprised of simple syntax and has an association with a powerful set of ever-growing libraries. Because Python is an interpreted language, coupled with a robust debugger and profiler, it provides a rich programming environment from which to build basic logic and programming skills. This course provides an introduction to the Python programming language for students without prior programming experience. The course explores data types, control flow, object-oriented programming, and graphical user interface-driven applications. Time will also be spent discussing the concept of software development and its importance.

MTH L400 Discrete Mathematics-Spring 2023
This course will introduce students to the mathematics behind computer science and programming. Topics will include an introduction to sets, equivalence relations, counting techniques, induction, flowcharts, algorithms, syntax and semantics, graphs, monoids, and logic. The students will work through problem sets with the aim of preparing them for the study of programming languages.

CSC L402 C++ Programming for Micro Devices-Summer 2023
C++Programming for Micro Devices introduces the C++ programming language for use for programming small robotics and Raspberry Pi-controlled devices. Topics include language syntax, user interfaces, and network interfaces as well as a special focus on applications in robotics.

CSC L400 Foundations of Computer Science for Educators Fall 2023
This course provides an overview of how computer systems process data and information. Course material is aimed at students with little or no prior programming experience but provides a scientific foundation for those who desire to understand computational problem-solving approaches. Students can expect to learn how to think algorithmically, solve problems efficiently and use computational tools to help model and understand data. Students will be introduced to topics in high-level programming languages, database systems, operating systems, computer architecture, computer networks, and artificial intelligence.

CSC L403 Data Structures- Spring 2024
The focus of this course is on solving computational problems that involve manipulating collections of data. This course will introduce the fundamental concept of data structures and emphasize the importance of data structures in developing and implementing efficient algorithms. This course will study a core set of data abstractions, data structures, and algorithms that provide a foundation for writing efficient programs. Programming assignments in this course will be implemented using Python programming language.

CSC L404 Algorithm Analysis-Summer 2024
This course examines the design and analysis of algorithms, including sorting and searching; recursion; analysis of complexity; algorithm paradigms; NP-complete problems; and complexity metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

Any K12 educator with a current VA teaching license and who is employed by a Virginia public or private institution are eligible to join the cohort.

What are the application requirements?

While there are no additional testing requirements to be admitted to this cohort, please be aware that solid mathematics and problem-solving skills are needed to complete the coursework successfully. 

How much does this program cost?

$583 for three undergraduate credit hours for those who qualify for VA in-state tuition.

Where are the courses offered?

All courses will be online through UVA Wise’s Moodle Learning Portal and taught in 12-week sessions to ensure that everyone successfully completes the coursework at a comfortable pace.

Does this cohort lead to CS teaching endorsement?

These courses can be used to apply to have the CS teaching endorsement added to a current teaching endorsement in another area.  The six-course sequence is aligned to part B of 8VAC20-23-300. 

Space is limited, so register today to ensure your spot in the Computer Science Cohort!

What do teachers have to say about
CS courses at UVAWISE CTE? 

“I’ve always been interested in computers and Computer Science but felt like I would never have the time to go back to college to pursue it. With the CS Stars cohort, I was able to work, full time, attend my children’s sporting events, be active in our church ministry, and still maintain a straight-A average in all my classes. The courses are informative and manageable. I would recommend this cohort to anyone that has ever had a dream of teaching Computer Science but never thought they would have the time to go back to college.”

Dana Smith, Title I Reading Teacher at Cedar Bluff Elementary and CS Cohort member 2020-22

"I have spent the better part of my teaching career in math. Teaching grades 4, 5, and 6 were great years. I really enjoyed seeing my students succeed and continue on to the next level of mathematics. Then came grade 3 in my latest leg of education. I began to see how scared and frustrated these kids were trying to learn and be tested on new and demanding SOL strands. I became as stressed as them and started to lose my edge and love for teaching. Then I discovered computer science (CS) and how the standards and learning strategies could really be applied to everything from math and science to history and reading. I then changed trajectories in my career and became what is known as a Resource Teacher in my school district. I could not formally teach CS standards to my students, so I was officially called a ”Careers and You” teacher, but I taught them all the learning strategies presented through various books and websites on CS. Then came a miraculous opportunity to become a member of a CS cohort at the UVAWise Center for Teaching Excellence. The cohort is part of the now-famous Region VII Computer Science Stars Project. Under the care and direction of Heather Askea and Adrienne Hood, I have completed the portfolio and courses to become endorsed to officially teach computer science SOL standards to my students (and I will even be teaching CS elective classes too). At almost 18 years of teaching, The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Stars cohort have finally given me my true calling. Math was fun to teach, but CS is just simply a blast! The kids smile, laugh, learn, experiment, and return to my classroom eager to do it all over again. This is truly 21st-century learning that is preparing our kids for the industries of the present and future. Never before have I felt like I am needed as I do now. And sadly, there are not enough certified CS teachers in Region VII. My two continuing goals are to educate and prepare my students for future jobs and to also recruit willing educators to help bring CS to the classrooms. I can’t say enough good things about the Stars Project and what it has done for me. I have many new opportunities opening up through completing the cohort and I am eager to follow my path in computer science education." 

Robert Underwood, Wise County teacher and CS Cohort member 2020-22